Don’t make dumb moves on bridges

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dumb moves claim lives in nearly every natural disaster.

Don’t become one of those statistics.

The Mississippi River and its water levels are fascinating right now. We want to see them up close as much as the next guy, but using the Mississippi River bridge as your viewing platform is simply dumb.

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That’s a major traffic thoroughfare in our area, and you cannot presume every driver is as interested in the water and driving as slowly as you.

Please use caution when traveling across the bridge, now and always. It’s most certainly not a place to park and exit your vehicle.

Though we know Vidalia leaders have plenty with which to worry right now, perhaps designating some sort of safe viewing area could be on someone’s agenda.

It’s only human nature for area residents to try to see the river above its banks, and it doesn’t seem right to deprive Concordia Parish residents of an appropriate viewing location of such a major marker in their lives.

Regardless, the Natchez bluffs are currently the best public location from which to view the river’s history making flood. Parking is ample, the view is great and the bluff is safe.

Don’t stop or slow to a crawl on the bridge. It’s a dumb move, and this is simply neither the time nor the place for stupidity.