5 p.m. update: Erosion continues to worry area

Published 5:00 pm Thursday, May 19, 2011

NATCHEZ — As the Mississippi River hit its crest in the biggest city to our north today — Vicksburg — area residents continued their wait.

The river crested at 57.1 feet on the Vicksburg gauge today. Gauge zero in Vicksburg is not the same as gauge zero in Natchez.

The National Weather Service further lowered its predicted Natchez crest Thursday afternoon, to 62.1 feet Saturday.

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In Natchez, officials have some concern about erosion in the area around St. Catherine Creek. One piece of property off Woodville Drive, which is situated between the creek and Spanish Bayou began taking on water this week.

Under-the-Hill the top layer of Hesco baskets has been removed to decrease the weight on river-weakened ground.