Fake hair shoplifted with real punches

Published 12:04 am Wednesday, July 20, 2011

NATCHEZ — A 21-year-old suspect reportedly punched two people at a beauty supply store Monday in order to shoplift fake hair, according to the Natchez Police Department.

Gisok Paik reportedly told police he and his wife, Jung Sook Paik, noticed the woman attempting to shoplift from Beauty Town at 261 D’Evereux Drive.

Paik said when his wife confronted the shoplifter, the suspect reportedly pulled Jung Sook’s hair and punched her before running toward the door of the store.

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Paik said he then tried to stop the suspect from leaving the store with the stolen hair when she punched him in the left temple before fleeing the scene in a red Chevy Cavalier.

An NPD officer reportedly witnessed the suspect assault Gisok Paik when viewing the store’s security footage.

Stolen items listed in the report include two units of Amy artificial hair priced at $20 and one unit of Yaki artificial hair priced at $9.55.

The couple reported Monday they planned to file charges at a later date.

No arrest had been made in the case as of Tuesday, Police Chief Mike Mullins said, but the incident involved charges of two counts of simple assault, disturbing the peace of a business and shoplifting.

Police have identified a suspect, but Mullins said he could not confirm the name until she is arrested.