Heartless humans should pay

Published 12:05 am Thursday, July 21, 2011

Any human being who looks into the eyes of an innocent mammal and then knowingly abuses it, well, they’re not really a human in our book.

Last weekend, so-called humans acted with cruelty toward defenseless animals in, of all places, one of the community’s most “public” spots, the Mississippi River Bridge.

The details are horrible. The kind of people who would do such a thing are downright deplorable.

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Heartless criminals tossed a crate containing two live dogs over the bridge rail presumably Friday night or early Saturday morning.

Fortunately for the two scared dogs inside, the perpetrator was as weak physically as he or she may be mentally. The abuser didn’t have the strength to propel the canines far enough out from the bridge to hit the muddy water below.

Instead, the dogs landed — probably with considerable force — 12 feet below the road deck, precariously perched on one of the bridge’s steel girders.

Caring officers from the Vidalia Police Department spotted the crate after a traffic stop and rescued the terrified little dogs. Police officers are investigating what occurred, and we hope they find the perpetrator and throw the book at them.

Attempting to throw out dogs as if they were rubbish is not to be taken lightly. Someone with such disregard for animals may also be a threat to the safety of human beings, too.

The dogs didn’t deserve such treatment and the person or persons responsible should pay a severe price for the crime.