David has cabinet full of bells

Published 12:01 am Monday, August 1, 2011

Delores David shows off her bell collection Wednesday afternoon in Vidalia. David has nearly 200 bells in her collection. (Eric Shelton \ The Natchez Democrat)

VIDALIA — A hutch in Delores David’s living room rings with tones of family memories, fun trips and good times with friends.

David opened the cabinet containing her assorted bell collection when The Dart landed on Miller Street in Vidalia Wednesday.

David said she has collected bells for 30 years. While 150 to 200 bells are packed away in storage, she has approximately 100 bells on display to share with family and friends who step into the living room.

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Her first and second bells were gifts from friends. Then David realized how fun and easy bells were to collect.

“It wasn’t hard to find a bell reminiscent of places we’ve been,” David said. “They are accessible, and easy to carry on a trip. I got bells from a tour of Europe, and bells from the different states where we traveled.”

David said she doesn’t have a favorite bell in the collection, but a few stand out. David said she likes her Christmas crochet bell, and a golden bobby’s hat from England.

One bell is hardly recognizable, with colorful fringe and a tall handle.

“This one is from one of the mountain highest peaks in Switzerland,” David said. “We also have a lot of cats, so some people gave me these (cat bells).”

David’s husband Jimmy said he thinks the collection is nice — so nice that it should be shared with others.

“I will probably try to sell them one day,” Jimmy joked. “Next I will get her one of those cowbells.”

David said her young grandchildren like to look at the bells when they visit.

“I tell them, someday you can have them,” David said.