Take care of yourself in the heat

Published 11:55 pm Saturday, August 6, 2011

Good grief, will someone please turn down the community thermostat?

In what the weather experts say has been a near-record period of heat this summer, our area has certainly been baking.

But the oppressive heat isn’t merely uncomfortable; it can be downright dangerous, too.

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Soaring temperatures have forced some outdoor workers to take long breaks, even splitting up their work days, and it’s caused the first week of school to have only “inside” recess.

It’s easy for us to simply take for granted that our Southern upbringing has made us impervious to heat, but that kind of thinking is what leads many folks directly into the hospital with heat-related illnesses.

Please make sure that if you must work outside that you slow down, drink plenty of fluids and take more breaks that you may feel necessary.

But more important than your own personal health may be the need for all of us to think about those who cannot take care of themselves.

Please remember to check on elderly neighbors and relatives to ensure they are safe and cool. And, of course, remember the pets in your lives. Dogs and cats cannot easily tell us when they feel the effects of the heat coming on so it’s up to us to think for them.

Enjoy what remains of the summer, but please remember to treat the summer heat with caution and respect.