Employment in Miss-Lou on the rocks

Published 12:30 am Sunday, August 28, 2011

Economically, despite a few good business announcements recently, our community — and our country — is not out of the woods yet.

Areas in the Miss-Lou continue to have unemployment rates that outpace other parts of the two respective states.

Yet some businesses complain that they still cannot find people who want to work. Good workers — those who show up on time and do what is asked — are difficult to come by these days, particularly in our area.

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That’s why it’s so critical for our community to continue job training for young and old alike.

It’s not a problem that can be fixed quickly, either, since some of the lack of desire to work isn’t just about training, but a lack of gumption.

Teaching gumption to an adult is difficult. It must come from within along with personal responsibility.

Programs that have been proposed such as the “Leader in Me” program for area schools can begin to tackle the problem from the very young side of the equation.

Solving it from the adult side will likely take a combination of job skills training and social program reform.

Social programs were never intended to be life-long support systems, but rather a temporary line of assistance until someone could get back on their feet.

Such changes will not be popular among some, but the entitlements must be throttled back if our nation, state and local governments are to thrive.

Change will come slowly, but it will take longer if we put it off into the future.