Ferriday water filter fixed, working

Published 12:01 am Tuesday, September 6, 2011

FERRIDAY — A new clarifying filter at the Ferriday water plant has wet many faucets and relieved residents, but Mayor Glen McGlothin said there is still more work to be done.

“We fired it up and it works,” McGlothin said. “We will have a lot more water because it’s a brand new filter.”

The other clarifying filter at the plant is still broken. McGlothin said before breaking that filter down to identify the problem, he wants to be sure the new filter continues working perfectly.

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“We are just being cautious,” McGlothin said. “But as of right now, everything is going our way.”

Repairs to the second filter will take approximately one week. McGlothin said Ferriday’s water is still being turned off late at night to conserve it until the new filter is fixed.

“I keep apologizing, but everyone just needs to have patience,” McGlothin said. “This stuff does not just fix itself, but we will do it right while we’re at it.”

Schools in the Ferriday area will resume today as well, Concordia Parish Schools Superintendent Loretta Blankenstein said. “We should have water all day,” Blankenstein said. “We are so excited and more than ready to get back to school.”

The mayor said he knows the water issues are an inconvenience for residents — including himself.

“I want that water to be fixed right now myself,” McGlothin said. “I would like to talk about something else for a change.”