Concordia School Board approves $39 million budget

Published 12:19 am Friday, September 9, 2011

By Alex Allain

The Natchez Democrat

Vidalia — The Concordia Parish School Board voted Thursday to approve a proposed budget with $39 million in expenditures.

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The budget includes $40,586,202 in projected revenues.

Of that amount, the school district anticipates receiving $4,816,200 from local ad valorem taxes and an additional $4,451,000 from sales taxes.

The budget anticipates $25,090,676 in state funding and $3,768,835 in federal funding.

Director of Business Affairs Tom O’Neal presented a comprehensive review of the budget to the board.

O’Neal said that the school board is projecting a growth of $1,494,675 in all of the programs for the school district.

O’Neal said that it had been a successful financial year and that the school board should be congratulated.

The board members brought up a revision to the school calendar due to the recently missed days in connection to the Ferriday water filter problem, and those dates are to be determined. Ferriday and Ridgecrest students missed a week of school.