City must step up to save cats, people

Published 12:02 am Tuesday, September 13, 2011

If something isn’t done soon to stop the cat-killing dogs in the area, we fear someone is going to be harmed.

What started out a couple of months ago as a few — seemingly isolated — reports of pet cats being killed on their owners’ property has grown into a much more troubling, more widespread problem.

As of last week, cat owners — who have sort of formed their own little network of concerned citizens — have estimated more than 30 cats have been killed by dogs running loose in the city.

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Other animals have survived the attacks, running up hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in veterinarian bills.

Cat owners — particularly ones who have lost a beloved pet — are increasingly frustrated by the city’s unsuccessful attempts to find the dogs and get them picked up.

The City of Natchez has a leash law, but like many city ordinances, enforcement seems virtually non-existent. We hope the city’s leaders will take the matter seriously and start enforcing a zero-tolerance policy for leash law violators. Eventually, with enough attention, the killings will stop.

For people unconnected to the matter — non-cat owners or those who simply don’t care — the matter may seem trivial.

However, the frustration among citizens that “not enough” is being done is what often leads people to take the law into their own hands.

That may be a good thing sometimes, but other times it can have tragic consequences.

The last thing we need is for someone trying to stop the cat killing to accidentally shoot another human being.