Restore Longwood, support forum

Published 12:13 am Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Good morning! I am writing on behalf of this year’s 34th Natchez Antiques Forum, sponsored by the Pilgrimage Garden Club on behalf of the Pilgrimage Historic Association. The beneficiary of this year’s Antiques Forum is Longwood.

Restoration and preservation of this national and local treasure is a constant ongoing process — and costly. Particular attention is being paid to the restoration of Longwood’s dome at the present time. In order for this event to continue, we need sponsorships.

Longwood is such a treasure — one of the most memorable things about this wonderful city. Thing? No — she is a living, breathing, work of art.

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I remember going there for the first time when I was only 8 years old and falling in love with her. We came year after year to Natchez, and I always wanted to go visit Longwood. So many tourists feel the same. We must preserve her for the generations to come. The people who Longwood calls to come — again and again — to Natchez.

Alas, it takes money to keep her beautiful, preserved, and safe for our visitors — so that brings me to my point. I am asking you to consider becoming a sponsor, and Longwood may live on in the beauty and splendor with which she deserves. The following are the various sponsorship levels. Please know that we value and appreciate all contributions!

-$100-$249 — Friend of the Forum sponsor — Name printed in our program. You may also choose to attend a lecture of your choice.

– $250-$499 — Nails, Pails and Rails sponsor — Name printed in the program. You may also choose to attend a lecture of choice and will receive two tickets to the Stanton Hall cocktail reception.

– $500-$999 — Friend of the Finial Sponsor — Name printed with in the program as well as on the sponsorship screen on display at the forum. Also, your name will appear on the website and our Facebook page. You also receive a full forum ticket.

– $1,000 plus — Developers of the Dome sponsor — You receive top billing in the largest font printed in the program as well as on the sponsorship screen on display at the forum. Your name will also appear on the website and our Facebook page. Also, you receive two full forum tickets, as well as two tickets to the early arrival dinner at Landsdowne and milk punch reception Thursday morning at Linden.

Again, thank you so much for supporting this year’s Antiques Forum and it’s recipient — Longwood! The Pilgrimage Historical Association is qualified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, so your contribution is tax exempt. Checks should be made out to:  “PGC Antiques Forum.”

Please email me at when your check is ready, and I will be happy to pick it up.

Carrie Golden Lambert is an organizer of the Pilgrimage Garden Club’s Natchez Antiques Forum.