New port of travel opens more doors

Published 12:01 am Tuesday, September 20, 2011

If you’ve ever wondered what economic infrastructure looks like as it’s being built, drive over to Government Fleet Road and take a peek.

The new port connector road project is blazing a new trail through the brush — and the bluff — to provide a more direct route to and from the Adams County Port.

For decades trucks from U.S. 84 have snaked down Government Fleet and Providence roads to get to the port.

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As they make the route, trucks not only have to travel greater distances, but they also careen down the winding, two-lane road, passing a number of residences along the way.

The port connector road has been in the works for approximately seven years. Adams County partnered with the Mississippi Department of Transportation on the $3.6 million project.

Former MDOT executive director and Natchez resident Larry L. “Butch” Brown and his former staff deserve thanks for the help in obtaining the funding for the project and keeping it alive through the years.

The long wait will nearly be over and not a minute too soon as the construction of the Elevance Renewable Sciences should be under way soon.

It’s clear to us — and increasingly clear to outsiders as well — that Natchez-Adams County is truly gearing up for great economic development opportunities ahead. The port connector road is a great addition to our community’s infrastructure.