Suspected killer dogs spotted

Published 12:02 am Saturday, October 8, 2011

Jody Waldrop submitted this photo of two dogs he saw chasing his cat in Duncan Park.

NATCHEZ — Residents continue to report more dog attacks around town, and this time the victims are not just cats.

Gloria Neames was walking her Jack Russell terrier, Sadie Grace, in Duncan Park Monday when two large dogs approached her and Sadie. She said one of the dogs pushed her dog backward, but she was able to get around the dogs and continue walking in the park.

Neames finished her walk and was heading toward her car when the two dogs ran toward her and Sadie. She said one of the dogs picked her dog up, shook it and tossed her six or seven feet in the air. Neames said Sadie ran off and the dogs chased her.

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“I picked up a large stick and was screaming at the top of my lungs, ‘let her go, let her go,” Neames said.

A man in a golf cart came to the aid of Neames and was able to scare the dogs away. Neames said Sadie had three lacerations, which required approximately 20 stitches.

Duncan Avenue resident Jody Waldrop said he saw the same dogs that attacked Neames’ dog in his yard Saturday chasing his neighbor’s cat. He describes the dogs as a large black and brown German shepherd and a large black dog.

The dogs returned Monday and tried to attack Waldrop’s Yorkshire terrier. Waldrop said he had to use a large stick to hit the German shepherd so it would get away from his dog.

Waldrop followed the dogs in his truck and called animal control.

Natchez Animal Control officer Lisa Freeman said she had multiple calls about the dogs Monday.

“I tried to catch them all day Monday, and I never could get them,” she said.

Freeman said she last saw the dogs on Ratcliff Place. She said both of the dogs had the same type of electronic shock collar. She said she believes the dogs more than likely belong to someone in that area.

Waldrop said the dogs were also seen near a residence where a dead cat was found Monday.

Freeman said the dogs are a black and brown German shepherd and possibly a black Labrador mix.

Downtown residents have reported 35-50 dead cats since July, and most believe a pack of dogs is responsible.

The Natchez Leash Law Committee met with Mayor Jake Middleton Sept. 29 to discuss nighttime animal patrol by police and harsher fines for leash law violators. Middleton said after the meeting the city is working to control the dog problem.