Dog attacks bring awareness

Published 12:36 am Friday, October 21, 2011

It didn’t take very much detective work to solve one of the Natchez mysteries of late.

In fact, the sleuth that uncovered the truth was really just a camera phone.

A low-quality snapshot of two dogs that had attacked another dog in the Duncan Park area was all it took for the owner to realize his pets had gotten crafty, escaped the house and been naughty.

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A dog attack is never a good thing, but this recent attack gained more attention than it normally might have due to an ongoing problem with stray dogs in town. With everyone, especially cat owners, a little on edge, these dogs were bound to be spotted.

Thankfully, the owner recognized his pets and quickly jumped up to resolve the situation on all fronts.

With resolution on that attack, we are reminded that perhaps the best detective work is just an attentive eye and ready camera.

It’s been a few weeks since downtown residents reported seeing a pack of dogs attack a cat. That’s a good thing, since maybe the animal owners took steps to properly restrain the dogs.

But regardless, the efforts of the city and local residents to address a weak leash law are appropriate.

These cat killings will pass, but future troubles would surely arise without proper enforcement of city codes.

We’re sorry it happened, but at least the latest set of dog attacks has prompted our community to realize that if we allow trouble to arise, it will and only alert, caring citizens can make sure it’s quelled.