Saints aiming for district championship

Published 12:01 am Thursday, October 27, 2011

NATCHEZ — With a district title on the line, Trinity Episcopal is set to host Brookhaven Academy Friday night in the Saints’ final regular-season game.

As the Saints try for a District 5-AA title, King said Brookhaven Academy will present a formidable challenge, even if the Cougars aren’t as strong as they were in recent years.

“They’re well-coached, and they have some really good skill players, and they have some tradition, so you get those three, it’s going to be a tough ball game, no doubt,” King said.

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And King also said he’s not buying into the idea that Brookhaven (8-2, 2-0) isn’t as strong as years past.

“They lost to Centreville, which is ranked in the top five (in Double-A), and they lost to Simpson Academy, which is ranked No. 1 in most polls, so I don’t know if you can judge how good they are by their record, because those cats are good,” King said.

As for Trinity (9-1, 2-0), King said he expects his won’t have any problems with the pressure of playing in a district title game.

“We’ve played in two state championship games back-to-back, so I don’t think for a second that these boys will have any issues,” King said.

“These boys are geared up for the game, just to be honest. This is the time of the year these kids live for, and I think they get excited to play the big games, just like I’m sure Brookhaven does.”

But King also admitted he’s already started focusing on possible postseason matchups even before having a district title in hand.

“I watch so much film, and I’m not going to lie, I look ahead,” King said. “I also look ahead on both sides: If we lose, who would we be playing, and do I have enough film on them, or if we win, who are we playing.

“There’s not a lot (of looking ahead), but it’s one of those times you get tired of watching Brookhaven, you put it someone else and say, what if.”

Kickoff at Trinity is at 7 Friday night.