Carter, Watts race to be decided Nov. 8

Published 12:20 am Monday, October 31, 2011

NATCHEZ — After months of ringing doorbells and shaking hands, a few issues stand out clearer for first-time supervisor candidate David Carter since he’s spent time talking with District 2 residents.

Carter will face Incumbent Henry Watts in the race for District 2 supervisor Nov. 8.

Messages this week to Watts for his participation in a District 2 preview article were unreturned.

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If elected, Carter said he wants to address three big issues he sees in Adams County: recreation, beautification and education.

“In those three issues I have a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience, and I feel like I’m leading charge of those issues now,” Carter said.

Carter said if he is not elected, he will continue to be driving force to make changes as chairman of the Adams County Recreation Department and a member of groups such as the Natchez-Adams County Chamber of Commerce Education Committee, Natchez-Adams Recreation Commission and the Master Gardeners.

But he hopes to be elected, even if it means stepping down from some of those positions if necessary, to get as much accomplished as possible on the board.

“Supervisors get more influence to get (things) done properly and more expediently,” Carter said.

Carter said he was very much in favor of building a recreational complex, and he wants to help the public better understand the potential economic impact of a complex.

Carter also said he is committed to finding a way to fund the $5.45 million complex without raising taxes.

“If you want something, you budget for it, you make it happen,” Carter said.

Carter said the supervisors are currently paying off other loans, and they should have budgeted for recreation.

Carter said he has experience budgeting and living within his means, and he personally practices spending within limits.

“I’ve never had a credit card in my life,” he said.

Carter said people have high expectations of Natchez, but the first thing visitors see when they enter Adams County does not make Natchez look like a first-class city.

“I know I’ve got the knowledge, ideas and passion to make that happen,” Carter said.

Carter said many school districts around the country have the same demographics and socioeconomic issues as Adams County, so the Natchez-Adams School District should look at what the schools doing well are doing and use it as a model.

If elected supervisor, Carter said he would be more involved than the current board, bring good ideas and provide a voice of positive influence.

Carter said he would support job growth in Adams County, not competing with, but by supporting Natchez Inc. and working to provide incentives the economic engine proposes.

“I believe in budget management and debt reduction and am committed to living in means, but I believe we need to do more,” he said.

Watts, who has served on the board for nearly eight years, is running on a published platform of experience and the expertise to run government like a business. His campaign materials say he has voted to lower taxes and will continue to work to cut wasteful spending.