Friends like small town living

Published 12:02 am Monday, November 7, 2011

ERIC SHELTON | THE NATCHEZ DEMOCRAT — Candice Perry, and Nkeemeha Harris wish Natchez had more to offer, but like being close to family.

NATCHEZ — Recent high school graduates Candice Perry and Nkeemeha Harris wish Natchez had more to offer people their age, but living at home has its perks, they said.

Perry, an Alcorn State University student and 2009 Natchez High School graduate, recently moved from campus back to her childhood house to save some cash.

Harris said she wishes Natchez at least had a Chuck E. Cheese’s for her two young children, but she likes being close to her father, who makes for an excellent babysitter.

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When The Dart landed on Linden Drive Thursday, the two friends were relaxing on their day off, watching TV and monitoring Facebook with Harris’ children, Amuri, 3, and Terry, 1, and enjoying the comforts of Perry’s mother’s house.

Both Perry and Harris work at Glenburney Nursing Home, but they said finding a job in town was not easy.

“It’s hard (finding a job), because I don’t like fast food,” Perry said.

Harris got a job at the nursing home after visiting her grandfather, who was admitted there when he grew ill.

Perry said though her parents can get on her nerves, living at home beats paying bills.

And since she graduated from high school, she has more freedom.

“(My parents) can’t make me do anything I don’t want to do,” Perry said.

In return for a rent-free lifestyle, Perry said she often helps her younger sisters and brothers with car rides.

Perry and Harris said they hope to finish school in health care management and nursing, respectively, and move away from their hometown, but for now being close to their parents is the right fit.

Living in a small town has its drawbacks and positive attributes for people their age, both said.

“There’s nothing to do,” Perry said. “But you know everybody.”

Harris said though she wishes there was a bigger mall and more to offer, she likes how Natchez is so family oriented.

“It’s a better place to raise children than anywhere else,” Harris said.

“I love my babies.”