Butler, Carter win supervisor seats

Published 1:17 am Wednesday, November 9, 2011

ERIC SHELTON | THE NATCHEZ DEMOCRAT — David Carter, at left, is congratulated by Dr. Randy Tillman after winning the District 2 Supervisor’s election Tuesday night. At right, Calvin Butler is congratulated by his wife Aquetta Butler after winning the District 5 Supervisor’s election Tuesday night.

NATCHEZ — David Carter and Calvin Butler, who cornered the races for District 2 and District 5 supervisors with generous margins Tuesday, look forward to sporting jerseys for Team Adams County.

“I look forward to working together as a team,” Butler said.

Carter also said he was exited to work with his new colleagues on the board of supervisors come January.

“I think these five people — we can work well together,” Carter said.

Carter, an Independent, defeated two-term Incumbent Henry Watts, a Democrat, with 1,321 votes or 60.4 percent. Watts received 39.6 percent of the vote, or 849 votes.

Butler, a Democrat, defeated Grady “Cookie” Wilson, a Republican, with 1,292 votes or 61.1 percent. Wilson received 822 votes, or 38.9 percent.

A total of 680 absentee votes plus affidavit ballots remain uncounted, but not all 680 of those will be from District 2 or District 5.

Carter fielded phone calls and texts from his friends and family at Bowies Tavern, where he celebrated as election results were reported. He said he figured he had won the election when the crowd at his party started shouting and cheering.

After giving his grandparents in Folsom the good news over the phone, Carter shook hands and gave out some hugs.

“They’ve been sitting by the phone since 7 p.m.,” Carter said of his grandparents.

Watts, who has served as supervisor since 2003, said Tuesday night he wanted to thank his family, friends and supporters.

“(My supporters) worked so hard and supported me as supervisors for the last eight years,” Watts said.

“But the voters have spoken and Mr. Carter is clearly their choice, and I wish him well.”

Butler was all smiles as he rocked his mother in law, Leonia Evans, side-to-side in a bear hug at the Brick House on Martin Luther King Jr. Street, where he celebrated the win.

“The people came out and voted and chose me to represent District 5, and that’s what I want to do 100 percent,” Butler said.

Carter and Butler both said they were proud to run campaigns based on their own merit and what desired for Adams County.

Wilson said he hopes Butler will do what’s right for the county.

“That’s why I ran,” Wilson said.

Butler said he has worked hard campaigning for more than a year and is glad the race is over.

“I want to thank not only voters of district 5 but those who showed overwhelming support (countywide),” he said.

Carter said he was glad to win as much for himself as for the number of friends and family who volunteered and supported him during his campaign.

“The biggest thing is I hope I live up to their expectations,” Carter said.

Butler said he plans on attending supervisors meetings soon to get in tune with what’s going on in the county, but he also has more immediate plans following Tuesday night’s win.

“I’m going to take a few days and relax,” he said