The Dart: Family gets back to routine after holiday tragedy

Published 12:36 am Monday, January 9, 2012

ERIC SHELTON | THE NATCHEZ DEMOCRAT Bryce McGlothin, 6, plays with his Christmas toys inside of his mother’s house Friday night.

VIDALIA — Elizabeth Atkins and her son, Bryce, were settling back into normal life at their house after a tragic loss on Christmas when The Dart landed on Cross Street.

ERIC SHELTON | THE NATCHEZ DEMOCRAT — Bryce McGlothin, 6, McGlothin holds a photograph of his grandmother Hilde McGlothin who recently died.

Glen McGlothin, Bryce’s father and mayor of Ferriday, lost his mother, Hilde, on Christmas day. Elizabeth said Hilde’s death shook their family’s hearts, but life is slowly returning to its routine.

“We just started getting back to normal,” she said. “We didn’t spend much time on Christmas doing anything for Bryce after Santa Claus came.”

Six-year-old Bryce did not get a chance to open his gifts Santa Claus brought him for Christmas because, he said, his “Oma” went to heaven.

“I really miss her,” Bryce said looking up from his new Nintendo DS.

Bryce spent his last week of Christmas vacation enjoying his new toys with his dad before he goes back to Cathedral Elementary School today. Bryce was playing with his new racecars and Nintendo DS Friday, just after his dad had left to play a show in Vicksburg with his band, Easy Eddie and the Partyrockers.

Oma is German for grandmother, and his grandmother being German is one of Bryce’s favorite things about his Oma.

Elizabeth said Bryce’s Oma, who immigrated to the United States sometime in 1950-51, would speak to Bryce in German and sing him the German version of “Silent Night.”

Bryce said he liked to sing to his Oma and even sang “Silent Night” in English at her funeral.

“I’m really good at singing,” he said.

Elizabeth said her family will miss Oma dearly. She said life is slowing back down, and the family is planning to spend some time together enjoying one of their favorite activities — LSU football — when the Tigers face Alabama in the national championship tonight.

Bryce was sporting a brand-new LSU T-shirt he got for Christmas, said he was excited to watch LSU in the big game.

“Uh huh, I like them a lot,” he said enthusiastically nodding his head.