Tahoe money forces savings elsewhere

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thoughts of Monday’s Adams County Board of Supervisors meeting take us down memory lane a bit.

We can’t help but envision a teenage Chuck Mayfield standing in the family den before mom and dad with a self-illustrated flip chart as he outlines his proposal titled “Why I need the Corvette instead of Dad’s old station wagon.”

Adult-Mayfield’s research was good enough, apparently, and the Adams County Sheriff’s Office will soon be trading in sedans for more costly full-sized sport utility vehicles.

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According to research they cited Monday, the SUVs have a lower life cycle cost than the Crown Victoria or Dodge Charger traditionally used by law enforcement.

The Tahoe sucks more fuel, too, though.

Regardless, mom and dad were convinced enough to change a previous household ruling and the taxpayers will now foot the bill.

Stats did the trick this time, but we hope the county supervisors will continue to closely watch spending at the sheriff’s office.

As the guardians of the county budget, taxpayers trust the supervisors to keep the elected sheriff’s spending in check just as much as other county departments.

With new vehicles on the way, is someone questioning whether too many employees have ACSO vehicles in the first place? What about administrative salaries, are those in check?

Taxpayers rarely balk at spending money on deputies who work the streets. That’s generally thought of as money well spent, but being a department that provides public protection does not justify being a department with a permanent blank check for spending.