Cell phone policy … that has a good ring to it

Published 12:02 am Friday, April 6, 2012

The Adams County Board of Supervisors — with help from its trusty administrator — is proving that it’s not necessary to crawl before you walk.

The board contains three new members, a majority, who could easily skate by for at least a few more months by saying, “We are reviewing our policies, getting to know the job and looking at the budget,” while they really did nothing.

Instead, the board is quickly putting at least one new policy in place that should have been around ages ago.

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A new cell phone usage policy approved Monday defines how employees can use their taxpayer-funded cell phones and how personal phones can be used in taxpayer-funded vehicles.

The policy, if followed and monitored, should put an end to personal phone calls on the county’s dime — and it may eliminate the need for some cell phones entirely.

Such a policy is overdue and welcome.

County Administrator Joe Murray — who is still relatively new on the job himself — alerted the board to the need for the policy.

Thank goodness Murray and the board are looking out for the taxpayer and simply following proper business procedure.

It’s refreshing to see a group of governmental leaders be quick to take action.

If you know walking is better than crawling, there’s no reason to start on the ground.