Isn’t this a government by the people?

Published 12:02 am Sunday, April 8, 2012

Isn’t this a government by the people

I’m sorry, but I thought I did, but now I don’t. I am referring to “government by the people and for the people.” Silly me thought this means that once the majority electorate has spoken, no special interest groups can interfere with their decision. Lately, I have found numerous issues that were voted on by the people, but continue to have those who are intent on rescinding the vote. I will refer only to the voter ID decision and the abortion issue, both having been baptized in fire during the past election process.

The election of last year clearly showed that the majority wanted voter ID. Since then, there has been continual harassment by those who don’t want anyone to know their real name when they vote. They say that voter ID is not necessary because voter fraud is not a problem.

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Does anyone remember the sheriff’s race in a neighboring county a few years ago in which people were hauled to Jackson to vote anonymously as absentee voters? Is anyone aware of the stampedes at the end of the Election Day in which many voters appear just minutes before the poll closes? This horde of people is meant to confuse and befuddle the poll workers who are already tired and ready to go home. This makes it easier to vote as a neighbor they knew that died five years ago, for instance.

I do not have sufficient space in this piece to discuss other methods of stealing votes. Why is it that knowing just these two fraudulent acts does not indicate that there is not a problem in the polling places?

All legitimate votes must be protected since more voters who work for a living are being out numbered by voters who vote for a living.

The anti-abortion referendum was rejected by a 2/3 vote across the state. Yet there are those who still seem intent on banning abortions. Let me tell you a little secret — you will never be able to banish the practice of having an abortion. If women cannot get an abortion under sanitary conditions performed by professionals using sterile instruments, they will suffer from doing abortions on themselves.

All I am asking is that people be left alone when making their personal decisions. What seems to be a good idea to you may be tragic for those actually involved. We don’t need more “zero tolerance” stupidity.


Ed Field