Dixie Youth awards former athletes scholarships

Published 12:01 am Friday, May 18, 2012

From left, Trinity Episcopal students Daniel Dunaway, Steven Felter and Joseph McClatchy pose with their plaques, alongside Mississippi Dixie Youth District 6 Director Chuck Jenkins. The three students received scholarships from the Dixie Youth organization. (Michael Kerekes \ The Natchez Democrat)


NATCHEZ — For three local students, yesterday’s memories on the diamond have turned into today’s awards.

Seniors Joseph McClatchy, Steven Felter and Daniel Dunaway, all Trinity students, were awarded scholarships by Dixie Youth Baseball. Dunaway received a state scholarship worth $300, and McClatchy and Felter both won national scholarships of $2,000.

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Mississippi District 6 Director Chuck Jenkins said Dixie Youth gives away 70 $2,000 scholarships every year, along with two state scholarships per district.

Jenkins said students who played at least one year of Dixie Youth qualify — and eligibility is not just limited to the boys.

“If your girl played tee ball, you can apply,” Jenkins said. “The more our state fills out, the more scholarships Mississippi can get.”

Jenkins stressed that local students that used to participate in Dixie Youth, whether baseball or softball, should apply for the scholarships.

All three former athletes gave positive accounts of their time playing in Dixie Youth, and were grateful for the organization helping to fund their college career.

“Growing up, when summer came around, Dixie Youth was what it was all about,” McClatchy said. “I made a lot of buddies that I’m still friends with.”

Felter also said he enjoyed making a lot of friends in Dixie Youth, and he learned a lot of valuable lessons playing youth baseball.

“It was a good experience,” Felter said. “It was really fun learning to play the game.”

Dunaway said even though he hasn’t played in Dixie Youth for six years, some of his most treasured athletic memories come from when he played youth baseball.

“We won state in 2005 when I was on the 11-year-old All-Star team,” Dunaway said. “That’s one of my fondest memories.”

Money raised for the state scholarships comes from $1 being added to the admission of all subdistrict, district and state tournaments in Mississippi each year.