Cat left in pot was cruel and inhumane

Published 12:03 am Sunday, May 20, 2012

Three weeks ago, I ran to Walmart to do my fast weekend shopping. After I finished in the store, I thought I would go look at the plants. As I walked to the area, I heard a kitten crying, and as it became louder, I started looking for it. There in a large flower pot with Coke cans, a water bottle and dirty tissues was a newborn kitten.

It was so cold and hungry and it couldn’t move, which led me to believe it was put there because one of the workers said there were two more. This is an act of cruelty to put this animal alone in a pot. I looked, but never found the other kittens.

I went to find the manager, but he wasn’t in.

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Someone should have called as soon as this problem was noted. I called the Natchez Humane Society and was told, “No, we can’t take any cats or dogs, we are full up.”

I live in Vidalia and have given many contributions and I have cats of my own. I feed strays, and those that I can catch I have spayed.

You guessed it, I put the kitten in my purse and came home and put it on a heating pad. I fed him and named him BoBo.

God gave us animals for pleasure and beauty. They have a heart and soul just like we do.

For whoever did this cruel act, you should ask for forgiveness.

BoBo has been to the vet. He eats great and is litter box training.

I have mailed letters to the Vidalia and Walmart home office.

When he gets old enough to roll the toilet paper off the roll, I will get him adopted.


LaVerne McPhate

Vidalia resident