Mayberry twins provide double trouble for opponents

Published 12:04 am Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ROD GUAJARDO | The Natchez Democrat — Twins Kassidy, left, and Kamryn Mayberry get ready for a game Tuesday afternoon in the T.M. Jennings T-Ball league. The twins play on the Concordia Bank and Trust Company team and rotate through a variety of positions on defense, but both said hitting the ball is their favorite part.

NATCHEZ — The only time fans of the T.M. Jennings Little League can tell Kamryn and Kassidy Mayberry apart is when one of the twin girls comes up to bat.

Kassidy steps into the left-handed batter’s box to hit, and Kamryn is a right-handed batter. But when the sisters are in the field or running the bases, fans, coaches and sometimes even their mother has to hope they can see the numbers on the back of the girls’ Concordia Bank and Trust jerseys.

“They are mirror twins,” LaWanda Toles, the girls’ mother, said. “None of the adults can tell them apart. The other kids can though. I can’t tell them apart some days.”

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Head coach Cheryl Dunbar, who has known the girls most of their lives, said she cannot tell the sisters apart either.

“I always ask them, ‘Which one are you?’” she said.

Kassidy wears the No. 4 on the back of her jersey, and Kamryn is No. 1. But the girls make identification that much more difficult by not even calling each other by name.

“They call each other sister,” LaWanda said.

Toles said her older daughter Kira Toles was the girls’ inspiration to get started with T-ball before last season.

“I asked them if they wanted to play, and they knew she had played, so they told me, ‘Yeah,’” LaWanda said.

Kira, 14, who is now an assistant coach for her sisters’ team, said she enjoys helping out her younger siblings.

“I get into it the game at times and yell,” she said. “Not at them, but at the team.”

The twin sisters both get opportunities to play all over the field for their team. Kamryn said her favorite position is first base, but she really enjoys offense.

“I like running the bases and hitting the ball,” she said. “I like coming to play.”

Kassidy said she also likes batting and running the bases, and she hopes to continue playing next summer.

LaWanda said the hardest time to tell the girls apart is when they are both playing the field, because they do the same things with the same mannerisms.

“The older they get the more they both answer at the same time and do the same thing,” LaWanda said.

The two girls said sometimes they fight over the ball in the field, and LaWanda said one of her favorite memories came when Kamryn was after a ball last season.

“Kamryn was under a pile of four or five kids,” LaWanda said. “I was worried because they were all on my kid, but she came up holding the ball. She won the fight.”

Dunbar said her job with the T-ball players is to teach the basics, and she believes the twins are doing well.

“They’ve come along very well,” she said. “We’re just trying to teach the techniques and where to line up.”

LaWanda said her daughters have shown great improvement from the struggle of their first couple of practices last season.

“Last year the first couple of practices were rough,” she said. “They kept crying, and I told them, ‘We won’t come back if you keep crying.’

“They’ve been doing well after that, and they’ve each made a couple of outs (in the field).”

LaWanda said she loves watching her daughters compete.

“I get excited,” LaWanda said. “I come home hoarse sometimes from screaming. I get into it like they are making money. But it’s what they want to do, and they enjoy what they do.”

LaWanda said T-ball provides a great activity for her twins.

“There’s not a lot of activities in Natchez for kids,” she said. “They come out here and have fun and let the parents have fun. But it’s about them.”

Both girls said they are also participating in cheerleading camp this summer. And when LaWanda asked her daughters which activity they prefer, they had trouble picking a favorite.

“Cheerleading and T-ball,” Kassidy said.

The twins will attend Vidalia Lower Elementary School this fall. They both graduated from Head Start this past school year.

Kamryn and Kassidy both said they look forward to playing T-ball again next season, and Dunbar said she will coach them again in their final year of T-ball before moving up to coach pitch.