ACCS goes through summer drills

Published 12:01 am Thursday, June 21, 2012

Adams County Christian School receiver and running back Trey Fleming catches the ball during a drill at a summer workout Tuesday evening at the ACCS football field. (Lauren Wood \ The Natchez Democrat)

NATCHEZ — Adams County Christian School upcoming senior Tristan Beach feels that new head football coach David King is adding that little extra ingredient that the Rebels need to have a big season, he said.

The Rebels are hitting the heart of summer workouts, and Beach said he feels a slightly different buzz this summer.

“It’s a little harder, and they push us a little bit more, and that gives me more confidence to get out and do stuff,” Beach said.

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Beach said the Rebels always worked hard during his previous three seasons on the team, but King and his staff are focused on making sure everything is that much better.

“Things are going great,” Beach said. “The coaches are working hard, and we are ready for a good season.”

Adams County Christian School linebacker and right guard Tristan Beach makes a catch as he runs drills Tuesday evening during a summer workout at the ACCS football field. (Lauren Wood \ The Natchez Democrat)

King said the team has been working out for three months, and he is pleased with how the Rebels are adjusting to his methods.

“This part of the year, we are getting stronger and faster and working on skill work,” King said. “It’s really the same thing we did at Trinity (Episcopal), and the kids have really bought in.

“Everybody has a good head on their shoulders, and we expect a good season.”

King said the players’ first taste of his system came during spring practice, and that was very useful for the players and the new coaching staff.

“We had a good spring,” he said. “We got in here and evaluated what we have, and the coaches got together and came up with a plan of action for offense and defense.”

King said the transition process will continue, but his staff from Trinity has jelled well with the coaches that remained at ACCS.

“We’ve made a lot of progress, and the transition has been smooth,” he said. “(Coaches Chris) McGraw, (Hunter) McKeivier and (Rick) Fife jumped in real well, and we are mixing well. It helps, because we kind of got a feeling of what to expect before we got here.”

Beach, who plays linebacker and offensive guard, said his role as a senior is to step up and try to help the coaching staff lead the younger players.

“I try to be a leader,” he said. “During workouts I do stretches, and the coaches look at me as a leader. I just want to be the best I can be and do anything I can to help them.”

King said the team will continue to focus on strength, speed and agility this summer, while also doing some seven-on-seven and position camps.

King said the Rebels have a seven-on-seven camp this weekend.

Beach said he is looking forward to continued hard work this summer.

“We still have another month, and that will make a big difference in everybody, and we can still continue to get better.”