State board should respect locals

Published 12:09 am Friday, July 13, 2012

Government rarely ceases to be baffling.

The latest question of how our government works involves several heated meetings, a number of local residents and the possibility of oil under the ground near historic Arlington.

For several months an oil exploration company has been aiming to drill near the admittedly dilapidated, but extremely historic mansion.

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The company has been told no, in a couple of ways, by the Natchez Preservation Commission.

And they’ve been told no by the Natchez Board of Aldermen.

But the third time could be the charm, unfortunately.

The Mississippi Oil and Gas Board will hear in August RMB Exploration’s request to drill.

Apparently, the state board has the authority to overrule all local decisions and simply say, “yes.”

But we hope the state board will respect the fact that the request has gone through the proper local appeals already and that Natchez leaders know what’s best for the local community.

Natchez preservation commissioners have already expressed plans to present an objection to the project or send a city representative to the state board, and we hope they’ll follow through with help from the aldermen.

This decision should be left in the hands of Natchezians who know and love their community.

We hope the state board recognizes that fact.