The Dart: His heart never left

Published 12:01 am Monday, July 16, 2012

LAUREN WOOD / THE NATCHEZ DEMOCRAT — Robert Anderson, center, stands on the steps and talks to members of the youth choir as he and other members of the congregation walk out of Milford Missionary Baptist Church after their Sunday service. Anderson was a member of the church in his youth, and after living in Seattle for 47 years, moved back to Natchez and became active in the church again.

NATCHEZ — Retirement has been relaxing for Natchez native Robert L. Anderson.

While sharing his time between church and travel, Anderson is careful to preserve plenty of “me” time to be sure life stays relaxing.

LAUREN WOOD / THE NATCHEZ DEMOCRAT — Anderson, left, reads along as Rev. Eddie D. Alsworth reads a Bible passage aloud to the congregation Sunday. Anderson is a deacon at the church and many of his family members are also members of the church.

Anderson grew up in Milford Missionary Baptist Church on Artman Road, joining at age 15.

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“My mother was a deaconess and my father was a deacon,” Anderson said from his house on Sunflower Road, where The Dart fell Friday.

But after graduation from Brumfield High School, Anderson left Natchez, headed to military service and, later, an education at Southern University in Baton Rouge and the University of Washington.

College graduation took Anderson to Boeing Company, where he designed planes and lived for 32 years in Seattle.

He retired 20 years ago, and returned to Natchez in 2008 after 47 years away.

Now, he’s the deacon at Milford Missionary Baptist Church.

Anderson said he is always there for his church, and stands by it.

Anderson said he tries to do anything the church is in need of and on Sundays, he is at church to help before, after and during the service.

Anderson said other than church he tries not to get involved in too many organizations because he doesn’t want to occupy all of his time.

Anderson said he tells his sister all the time she is in too many organizations.

“Being retired, I should do more, but my time is my time,” Anderson said.

Since he has retired, Anderson said he enjoys traveling, including trips out of town just to try out a new restaurant.

But his adventures have also taken him all the way to South America where he visited Brazil.

Anderson said he also enjoys playing tennis and biking.