Parish led its voters well Monday

Published 12:06 am Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Concordia Parish Police Jury and drainage committee presented a clinic Monday night on how to pitch a new idea to the public.

Regardless of personal opinions about solving the age-old drainage problems in the parish, anyone who attended or read about the jury’s meeting on the matter has to appreciate the way the officials handled things.

The jury had previously invited the public to attend the meeting to learn about plans for parish drainage, and the room was full.

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President Melvin Ferrington told those in attendance that the jury and drainage committee wanted their feedback and the night would be handled as an open forum for discussion.

Then the drainage committee shared a very thorough presentation outlining the problems, the solutions and the ideas.

The best part, though simple, was that as the committee explained that a tax increase would be needed to fund their plans, they explained exactly how the tax increase would affect the average Joe.

The plan would cost a taxpayer who lives in a house valued at $100,000 only $5 a year. Those with home values of $200,000 would pay $25 annually. Their information even detailed the cost for taxpayers who own farmland or timberland.

It was great information, and it helped the public put the plan into perspective.

We hope other area elected officials will take note. Want to build a recreation complex, raise money for fire protection or build a new school? Present the public with a detailed plan, tell them how much it will cost them, let them give feedback and wait and see what happens.

It’s community government 101, and it’s great to know the parish has it down.