BRIGHT FUTURE: 9-year-old dribbles hoop dreams

Published 12:07 am Thursday, August 2, 2012

LAUREN WOOD / THE NATCHEZ DEMOCRAT — Nine-year-old Malcolm Bouldin makes sure he stays busy, all the while maintaining good grades. Malcolm, who will be a fourth grader in the SOAR program for gifted students at McLaurin Elementary School in the fall, plays basketball, baseball, soccer, football, practices karate and is a Boy Scout.


The Natchez Democrat

NATCHEZ — Dedication and commitment started at a young age for local 9-year-old Malcolm Bouldin.

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Bouldin has been playing basketball for six years, baseball for four years, football for one year, soccer for three years, participated in karate for two years and is an orange belt, has been singing for seven years and can already play the piano by ear.

Bouldin said his dad, Monterro Bouldin Sr., was his first coach in basketball when Malcolm was only 3. Bouldin said his dad pushes him, making him practice in order to get better.

“He strives to win,” Monterro said.

Even though his schedule is jampacked, Bouldin still has his favorite — basketball.

Whenever he has any spare time, basketball is what he is doing, said his mother, Angela Anderson.

“I’m good at it,” Bouldin said.

Bouldin said he has dreams to one day make it in the NBA.

Two of the three years Bouldin played with Dixie Youth baseball, he played on the all-star team.

“I hit far, and I’m a good thrower,” Bouldin said.

Monterro said Bouldin’s soccer team was undefeated as well. On average, Malcolm had eight goals a game.

This was Bouldin’s first year trying out football and was named the starting quarterback.

Monterro said no one wants to fight Bouldin in karate because competitors know they will loose.

“The other day, he took seven down in two minutes,” Monterro said.

Bouldin doesn’t take piano lessons at the moment, but his parents are in the process of getting him lessons. Anderson said Bouldin can listen to a song and just play it.

“I can already play ‘Pass Me Not,’” Bouldin said.

Bouldin has performed songs with the choir at McLaurin Elementary School, various churches and was also a featured soloist in the Antioch Baptist Association’s Baptist Convention.

Monterro said his family are sports fanatics and will always support each other, but school comes first.

Bouldin is in the SOAR program for gifted students at McLaurin Elementary and aims to stay on the A-B honor roll.

Anderson said she doesn’t allow Bouldin to have company from Monday through Thursday in order to get his schoolwork done.

He is also required to study before going outside to practice anything.

“His day never stops. He loves it all,” Monterro said.

Bouldin said he hopes to one day receive scholarships to school because of the hard work he puts in now.

“I want to be like Kobe (Bryant) and (Dwyane) Wade,” Bouldin said.

Bouldin is also a member of Boy Scout troop 168.