Students repaying key lessons

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 3, 2012

Few 16-year-olds being scolded by a tough teacher or principal envision their adult selves rallying in honor of the disciplinarian.

But, more often than not, that deep appreciation for said teacher comes, say, oh, 20 years later or more.

It’s the tough teachers, the ones that held us accountable and didn’t take lip, which most adults grow to appreciate.

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Natchez has had its share of such great teachers and administrators from generation to generation. One of the best, by all knowledgeable accounts, was Margaret Martin.

The community thanked Martin in 1962 for years of strict accountability, when the school on Homochitto Street was named in her honor.

However, the appreciation faded as life happened and other expenses popped up. The building — now a performing arts center — has been left, more or less, to fend for itself.

A long list of repairs is now needed to appropriately pay Ms. Martin her due.

Thankfully her former students have heeded the call for attention and are working to raise large sums of money to fund building renovations.

Former students — from any year — are invited to a reunion barbecue on Aug. 25. Tickets are $25, which will go toward building restoration. Other donations are welcomed; contact Tony Byrne at 601-446-7175.

Ms. Martin educated many Natchez greats; it’s time the community repays her.