Courthouse records: July 27-Aug. 2, 2012

Published 12:10 am Monday, August 6, 2012

Adams County

July 27-Aug. 2

Civil suits filed

Estate of Ernest “Pewee” Strickland.

Estate of Mabel Hogan Ellington.

Estate of Charlie Hamilton Jr.

Divorces filed:

Roy D. Tarver v. Susan Anderson Tarver.

Peter John Rinaldi and Mary Lewis Rinaldi. (Joint Complaint for Divorce)

Marriage license applications:

James Watson Higgins II, 34, Pope to Jordan Elise Chandler, 25, Natchez.

Jeremy Lloyd Hawley, 33, Richlands, N.C. to Erin Nicole Turnbell, 29, Tarawa Terrance, N.C.

Brandon Allen Singletary, 26, Birmingham, Ala. to Catherine Marie Brahan, 26, Birmingham, Ala.

Darius Terrell Franklin, 21, Natchez to RaShondra Carnesha Waters, 21, Yazoo City.

James Clyde Van Handel, 57, Appleton, Wis. to Brenda Germany Seab, 59, Natchez.

James Arch LaCroix Jr., 27, Tuttle, Okla. to Jill Marie Armstrong, 26, Tuttle, Okla.

Steen Wallace Williams, 20, Natchez to Andrea Maria Messmer, 22, Natchez.

Deed transactions:

Joshua B. Adams to Renee’ C. Davis, lot 11 Thistledown, being a portion of lot 1 Hunters Hall Plantation.

C.F. Trippe Jr. to James F. Riley and Carol Ann C. Riley, lot 15 Village Green I.

Henry M. Sanders and Barbara Ellen Sanders to Lauren D. Hoggatt, lot 285 Montebello Subdivision.

Ira Kemp Hairston Jr. and Ellyn Falkenheiner Hairston to James A. Stewart, lot 50 Greenfield Subdivision.

Peggy M. Metcalfe to Macnair Orrick Metcalfe and Anna Rose Metcalfe, land beginning at the northwest corner of lot 54 Linden Place Subdivision.

Brent Andrew Yates to KAD Properties, LLC, lot 42 Etania Subdivision.

Lillie B. King Mazique to Brayajana Alford, land beginning at a point on the southerly line of Madison Street.

Joseph J. Carpino and Linda Carpino to Helen Thompson, lot 34 Westover Heights Subdivision, Third Development.

Roger Allan Smith to William L. Leigh and Terri Reno Leigh, lot 20 of a Division of a part of Hedges Plantation.

J.D.L. Builders, L.L.C. to Phyllis Grant Falkenheiner, lot 155 Nottaway Trail Development, a portion of Beau Pré Country Club Subdivision.


Renee’ C. Davis to Regions Bank, lot 11 Thistledown, being a portion of lot 1 Hunters Hall Plantation.

Banks Van Pelt to Concordia Bank & Trust Company, lot 138 Linden Place Subdivision.

Lauren D. Hoggatt to Britton & Koontz Bank, lot 285 Montebello Subdivision.

KAD Properties, LLC to United Mississippi Bank, lot 42 Etania Subdivision.

Lewis Conrad Anderson Jr. and Cliffie Shroyer Anderson to Britton & Koontz Bank, lot 41 Highland Park Subdivision, Third Development.

Wendy Jenkins to United Mississippi Bank, Easterly one-half (1/2) of lot A-5 and all of lot A-4 Woodland Addition.

Melvin Eugene Williams Jr. and Faye B. Williams to Regions Bank, part of lot 2, the division of part of Springfield Plantation.

William Leigh to Premia Mortgage, 0.20 acre trace portion of lot 20 of the division of a portion of Hedges Plantation.

Dorothy A. Weadock to United Mississippi Bank, lot 61 Westover Heights Subdivision, Fourth Development.

Brian D. Fisher and Kayla Fisher to United Mississippi Bank, lot 48 Highland Park Subdivision, Second Development.

Randy Cowart and Lori A. Cowart to United Mississippi Bank, land containing 1.3 acres, more or less, being a part of lot 5 Day Dreams Plantation.

Robert Carl Combs and Jennifer Ogden Combs to Quicken Loans, Inc., lot 14 The Trees Subdivision (Second Development).

Concordia Parish

July 27 – Aug 3

Civil suits filed

Bank of America v. Aubrey Anthony Harper — executive process.

Chase Home Finance v. Terrence R. Thomas — executive process.

Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation v. Terrence R. Thomas — Executive process.

JP Morgan Chase Bank v. Terrence R. Thomas — executive process.

State of Louisiana Department of Social Services v. Brandon J. Daniels — non support.

Donna Washington v. Beatrice Washington — custody. 

No divorces filed

Marriage license applications:

Alfredo Lagunes Sanchez, 39, to Tammy Jo Cupstid, 44, both of Ferriday.

Feb. 29 – March 2

Deed transactions:

Bryan Cam Miller to Lawanda Schiele for Lot No. 60 of the Levens Addition, being a portion of Lo 31 of Helena Plantation.

Patsy Ann Huff Newman to Frederick Robinson for Lot No. 24 of Block 4 of Huntington Woods Subdivision in Ferriday.

Edward Roy Farmer Jr. to Melissa Smith for Lot No. 28 in Block 131 of the Murray Addition of Vidalia.

Dianna Lynn Blake to Joshua Joseph Chauvin and Laura Casteel Campbell for Lot No. 11 of Unit 1 of a subdivision of a portion of sections 16 and 21, T6N-R8E, Concordia Parish.

Christopher Allen Temple and Michelle Pennington Temple to Randy Matthew Morace and Larisa Ferguson Morace for a 3.33 acre tract being a portion of an existing 10 acre tract shown as Lot 1 of plate entitled “map of portion of Minorca Plantation” situated in sections 6 and 52, T7N-R9E and sections 36 and 37, T7N-R10E.

Grace Sherelle Rejouis to Ryan C. Boles for Lot No. 1 and 2 of Block No. 45 of the Bingham Addition to the Town of Vidalia.

Feb. 29 – March 2


Lawanda S. Curry Schiele to Rural Housing Service, United States Department of Agriculture.

Frederick Robinson to Integrity Mortgage Center.

Donald Lee York to Concordia Bank and Trust Company. 

Ryan C. Boles to Delta Bank.

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