Oh, deer! Surprise patient shakes it up at medical offices

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 18, 2012

LAUREN WOOD/THE NATCHEZ DEMOCRAT — A deer leaps over a fence Friday after running out of the back door of the Natchez Dental Arts office on Highland Boulevard in Natchez. The deer entered the office by jumping through a window. Dr. Bruce Scarborough temporarily corralled the deer in his office before it eventually ran outside.

NATCHEZ — A rogue deer went buck wild Friday and crashed into two medical offices on Highland Boulevard racking up damage to the building and frightening onlookers.

Kamesha Gaines, a registered nurse at Fresenius Medical Care Natchez, said a deer jumped through a window of the center’s front lobby at approximately 8 a.m. Friday. Gaines said the deer mostly ran into walls and did not venture into the area where most of the staff and the patients were in the center.

The staff closed off doors and corralled the deer out of the building.

Broken glass remains in the window that the buck jumped through Friday afternoon. Patients were not present in the part of the building where the buck entered.

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A few hours later, a deer, presumably the same one that jumped into the dialysis center, crashed through a window of a patient exam room at Natchez Dental Arts center.

The deer entered the center on the opposite end of the building away from where patients were being treated. Dr. Bruce Scarborough’s office manager, Penny Smith said she heard glass breaking and something running around and then someone scream.

The scream came from Andrea Bradford, also an office manager, who was chased down the hall by the deer.

Scarborough went to check the situation out and facetiously said the “razor sharp 30-point deer as big as a horse” charged toward him.

“He came at me, and I dove into the utility closet for my life,” Scarborough joked.

At the suggestion of a couple of Corr Williams employees, who came across the street to the dental center, Scarborough and the employees turned off all the lights and gave the deer one way out of the building.

“Once he saw daylight, he ran straight for the door,” Scarborough said.

The deer appeared to be fine as it darted from the building across Highland Boulevard and toward the woods.