Go green as a single group, not several

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, August 22, 2012

If there’s one thing Natchez and Adams County are great at, it’s forming groups with unique focuses, strong passions and a goal.

In fact, this area is too good at it, and as a result, we often have too many heads pulling in different directions with the same destination in mind.

It seems the area is at risk of yet another ensemble, this time with a focus for something many locals agree is needed — recycling.

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Reusing your waste — or letting someone else do it — is not a unique idea here. That said, the Green Alliance, led by Steve McNerney, has been the most consistent proponent of the idea for years now.

City and county elected officials have bantered with the idea off and on; private businessmen have gotten involved and opened up drop off sites; and even Deuce McAllister made a recent appearance in town touting the benefits.

Most recently, businessman Jim Smith approached the county with a plan to get the ball rolling.

He has some good ideas, and, thankfully, wants to incorporate the Green Alliance into the plans.

The idea of recycling is hot lately. It keeps finding its way to the surface, so it’s likely the right time to act.

We hope the “groups” — the Green Alliance, businessmen who’ve tried and failed or tried and succeeded, elected officials, Smith and any others interested — can sit down at the same table soon and make a plan.

We need one group and one plan for the city and county combined.

Though it may sound hard to believe, Natchez is on the ground floor of recycling. Now is the time to set up our plans with thought and detail and without competing groups moving in different directions.