Women find their strength in Jesus

Published 12:05 am Thursday, August 23, 2012

A sister of mine (not by blood) sent me a text that read: “A woman can deal with stress and carry heavy burdens. She smiles when she feels like crying.”

I responded to her text in a way which she thought was negative, but in reality, I was fed up with stress and feeling over my head with things, so as a result of this, my impression of Jesus hanging on the cross came out.

I questioned her, asking “Why is this so? Why do women deal with stress and heavy burdens and sometimes act like everything is OK when it’s not?”

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And at that very moment, before she answered, the Holy Spirit quickened my thought and gave me “the answer.” So I responded to her with what was just revealed to me and told her thanks for the text.

What was revealed to me was that women really are able to handle it.

The answer I was given was deep. I mean, it almost blew my mind just thinking about it. Why is this so? Let’s go back to the Garden of Eden where the curses were given. OK, God did curse all three subjects (serpent, woman and man), but there was one subject in particular that seemed to have been given the worse curse (so I thought), the woman.

To get the wording of the curse exact, I went to the Holy Bible. I noticed that the curse seemed to be of a three-part one. God said this to the woman, as written in the Holy Bible, “I will greatly multiply thy sorrows and thy conceptions; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.”

Well, when we look at the part of God multiplying the sorrow and thy conceptions, I see why we are able to deal with the stress (cares of this world) without crying all the time. We are able because he had already warned us of what was to take place in a woman’s life.

In greatly multiplying our sorrows, he told us that we would not only experience sadness, regrets, trouble, distress, grief or unhappiness, but that they would be increased.

He also told us that our conceptions (comprehension or understanding) would be increased also. Have you (women) ever wondered about why so many thoughts go through your head, so many ideas, suspicions, notions and views of things?

Have you ever wondered why you have an understanding of things and sometimes seem to know how to fix it? And do you wonder sometimes why you have a “take charge” or “I am in control of this, kind of behavior?”

You are not losing it, all of these are normal reactions described in the curse.

When we think of the word “curse,” our minds always goes to a negative point, but not all curses are bad ones.

Don’t forget all things work toward good for those who love God. And we must not forget that God is a good god.

First and foremost, he warned us from the beginning of what was to be. So don’t act or be surprise. Although it was a curse, it can be used to our advantage.

Our advantage is putting God in all our actions, and we can’t go wrong. Not only did he curse us, but he gave us strength to endure.

God never allows anything to happen to us that he won’t help us with, for the asking. Well, when I look at the Word, God gave us a way of escape. He gave us his son, Jesus Christ, to help us get through any situation.

And on top of it all, he allows us (mothers) to experience childbirth, which shows the strength he incorporated in our makings. Believe it or not, we are strong women in Christ (God). So although we were cursed, it’s not so bad, not as long as we have a god (Jesus) that cares.

Now, at least we know why we can handle it. So in time of stress, remember we got this. We can do all things through Christ Jesus which strengthen us. So in times of stress, rest assure that we have already been made strong through the Word that was spoken in the beginning.


Beverly Gibson is a Ferriday resident.