Teenager breaks into Cathedral again

Published 12:02 am Saturday, August 25, 2012

NATCHEZ — The same 14-year-old teenager who broke into Cathedral School less than a month ago reportedly struck again this week stealing VHS tapes, an iPad and other items from the school.

Natchez Detective Jerry Ford said the teenager, who was recognized on surveillance footage, broke into the school late at night on Monday and Wednesday. The teenager used a computer at the school and and stole VHS tapes of “Batman and Robin,” “The Jungle Book” and others. The teen also stole a guitar, an iPad, a set of headphones and a DVD/VCR player.

The teen, Ford said, entered the school by climbing through an unlocked window, the same way he got into the school earlier this month.

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School officials said the lock on the window is broken and will be repaired, Ford said.

Ford said the teenager cooperated with investigators, and police were able to recover several items. Ford said investigators believe some of the items were stolen from the Sunshine Shelter, which closed earlier this year and is located nearby.

The teen, who is not a Cathedral student and moved to Natchez a few months ago, is being charged with two counts of burglary.

The teenager reportedly told police he was bored when he decided to break into the school two days in at the end of July. The teen also reportedly burglarized a house.

The teen climbed in to the school through an unlocked window to use the computer on July 30. Ford said the teacher whose classroom the teenager was using came in at between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. to set up her classroom and discovered something was “not right.”

Ford said the teacher pushed on the door of the restroom, and the door was being pushed from the other side.

The teacher, Ford said, went back to her classroom and noticed that someone had been there and then saw the teenager.

“She screamed and ran, and she went one direction, and he went in another direction,” Ford said.

The teenager, Ford said, reportedly came to the school again July 31 and went in the band room through an unlocked door and stole an iPad tablet computer and two pairs of headphones.

Ford has said the teenager said he had considered going to the football field when he broke into the school in July to steal a tackling dummy but thought he might look suspicious carrying the dummy.

Police were able to catch the teenager the first time he broke into the school after a homeowner reportedly came home while the teenager was burglarizing the house. The homeowner reportedly chased the teenager and followed the teen in his vehicle until police arrived.