Wilkinson, Franklin counties hit hard by Isaac

Published 12:40 pm Thursday, August 30, 2012

NATCHEZ — Both Franklin and Wilkinson counties are 100 percent without power.

Wilkinson County Emergency Management Director Thomas Tolliver said county residents can anticipate a day-and-a-half to three-day wait before power is restored, depending on from which power grid  they receive service.

“This situation will cause some undue pressure on the Town of Woodville,” Tolliver said. “Their generator is out, and as soon as it goes that prohibits water users from receiving water; this also adversely affects the sewage.”

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Tolliver said the Wilkinson County Emergency Operations Center is trying to procure loan generators from the state EOC.

“We are just in a wait and see mode,” he said. “Everything down this way is dependent on electricity. If it gets on we will have had our significant needs met.

“We are safe and we are prevailing, and we are a resilient people here.”

Wilkinson County saw two accidents during the storm, with no serious injuries. Two homes and two businesses received major damage from flying or falling debris, and a third home received minor damage.

Tolliver said fallen trees blocked 26 roads during the storm, and 12 roads were at present impassible.

Franklin County Emergency Manager Mark Thornton said that along with all of the county’s power being affected by the storm, fallen trees blocked 80 percent of its roads Thursday morning.

Most of the roads have been cleared, Thornton said.

Entergy and Southwest Mississippi Electric Power Association serve Wilkinson County and Franklin County’s power needs.

Magnolia Electric also provides service to some Franklin County residents.