Dogs ready for adoption at Bark in the Park

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 9, 2012


Dogs just want to have fun.

And next weekend will be a great opportunity for dogs, dog owners and dog lovers to pack into the Grand Village of the Natchez Indians for a tail-wagging good time at Bark in the Park.

The Natchez-Adams County Humane Society is celebrating the 20th Bark in Park, and board member Linda Kennon said the event is a chance for dog lovers to get together for a canine celebration.

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“It’s a time to get out with other people who love and appreciate their dogs and let their dogs meet other dogs and socialize,” she said.


But if you don’t have a furry friend to take to Bark in the Park, you can drop by the event and pick up one (or two or three) of the adorable pups that will be up for adoption at Bark in the Park.

Here’s a little bio information on your potential new best friends. View their photos here: images of dogs.


Miss Cleo is the queen of the humane society shelter.

“She struts around like she’s all that and more,” Kennon said.

Cleo, a beagle and basset hound mix, came to the shelter in March looking ratty and in poor health, Kennon said.

“Now she is just as pretty as she can be,” Kennon said.

Cleo’s sweet disposition makes her a very popular pooch at the shelter.

“She’s so sweet, I can’t believe we still have her,” Kennon said.

Cleo is social and affectionate and gets along well with other dogs.


Tippy, a black terrier mix, got her name because of a white tip on her tail, which constantly wags when she is around other pups or people.

It might be a tad difficult to spot Tippy’s white tip on her tail because the playful 5-month-old puppy can hardly sit still.

“And she’s off,” Kennon said as she sat Tippy on the ground outside the shelter.

Tippy runs circles of excitement during playtime and would make a great family pet.


Audrey is a bit on the wild side, but only because she can hardly contain her energy.

“She is very energetic and would be great for a family with children,” Kennon said.

Audrey is a 6-month-old chocolate terrier mix.


Maggie, a white poodle mix, is a little shy but quickly warms up to loving hands at the shelter.

Maggie has come a long way in her two months at the shelter.

“She came in emaciated, with sores and a bad case of mange,” Kennon said.

In fact, Maggie’s coat had to be shaved because it was matted, but Kennon said it will grow back.


Scooby is a 1-and-a-half year old large Labrador mix that has a distinctive coat pattern with gray patches that sets him apart from other dogs. Parts of the patches are scars from fire ant bites.

Scooby is house trained and was a family pet before he came to live at the shelter.

“He’s great with kids, and he is a very strong dog that would need to be in a fenced in yard,” Kennon said.


Jumper’s name fits him well. The rat terrier mix has a talent for jumping so high he can almost look you in the eye.

“He’s a trip and a half,” Kennon said.

Jumper is house trained, great with other dogs, very affectionate and would make a great family pet.


Lila is a plump beagle mix puppy that enjoys a good back-scratching and playtime.

A lot of people use beagles for hunting, Kennon said, but she said Lila would also make a great pet for a family.

“She’s just a big old puppy that likes to play,” Kennon said.

Lila also has two sisters at the shelter that are also available for adoption.

Bark in the Park will be 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. Saturday at the Grand Village.

Admission is $4 and $1 for children 5 and under.

The event will include contests, raffles, concessions, T-shirt sales and booths set up by Purina and Hartz representatives.

“It’s really special that Purina and Hartz are coming this year,” Kennon said.

Contests begin at 11:30 a.m. and have a $2 per dog entry fee. Trophies will be awarded in the following categories:

• Cutest puppy (6 weeks-4 months)

• Most handsome male

• Most beautiful female

• Best owner look-alike

• Most talented

• Best dressed

• Best smile

• Best tail wag

• Mr. and Miss NACHS (Contestants must have been adopted from the Natchez shelter.)

For more information or to view adoptable pets, call 601-442-4001 or visit