Can you help two of your neighbors?

Published 12:28 am Sunday, September 23, 2012

At the end of the day, everything — from families to politics and from work to religion — comes down to relationships.

How we interact with one another gets to the heart of life. It’s what makes living interesting since everyone of us is different, has our own quirks and needs.

That human diversity is what makes living in Natchez so interesting. We’re an extremely diverse community; diverse across nearly all strata — age, race, wealth, education, you name it and Natchez probably has it.

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That diversity also makes working at the newspaper so interesting, too.

Relationships are at play every day at the newspaper.

Recently two readers have reached out for some help. Both are facing emotional situations in their lives and don’t know where to turn for help.

Perhaps other readers may be able to help them through a new relationship made through their common bonds — living in the area and reading the newspaper.

Longtime reader Syble is seeking a recently lost friend.

During Hurricane Isaac’s venture into the Miss-Lou, Syble’s son let out her Pomeranian, Misty, to go to the bathroom.

Since the electricity was knocked out, the dog apparently got disoriented in the dark and wandered off.

After frantic searching of areas in and around Ridgecrest, Misty is still nowhere to be found.

Syble is worried about her old friend. Sure, like most dog owners would be, she misses her friend, but she’s also worried about the dog’s health.

“Misty has health problems, a heart murmur and seizures,” Syble wrote to me. “She has to take medication twice a day.”

“I am 75 and Misty is about 8 — both (of us are) getting on up there. She is the last little dog I will ever have. You just don’t get another dog when you are my age.

“I love her so, and I am at my limit. I don’t know what else to do.”

If anyone has seen Misty — alive or not — please let me know so we can either reunite the pair or allow Syble some closure. She’s offering a $200 reward for the dog’s return.

Syble is a sweet lady who has been a long-time reader, and I hope someone can help her.

Another reader’s plight is even more gut wrenching regarding his personal financial situation.

Steve wrote to suggest he was nearly at his wit’s end.

“I need a job badly,” he wrote. “I’ve been unemployed for nine months, and I’ve never stopped looking.”

Steve said he’s previously worked as a truck driver, handyman and done plumbing and maintenance work. Steve is worried and rightfully so as he’s about to lose his house.

We’ve communicated with one another for several years, mostly referencing topics on which Steve disagreed with either the newspaper’s editorial board or something I’d personally written. Although we’ve never met one another face to face, we have a connection, of sorts, even if he’s mostly been critical of the newspaper.

The bottom line is he swallowed his pride and reached out to ask for some help. Unfortunately, the newspaper doesn’t currently have anything that fits his skills, so hopefully someone else does.

Again, if you have a need for someone with Steve’s skills, please let me know, and I’ll connect you to him.

Living is all about relationships and hopefully, through this column, we can make at least two connections that will be meaningful to all involved.


Kevin Cooper is publisher of The Democrat. He can be reached at 601-445-3539 or