With new cell phone policy in place, county’s bill down $1K

Published 12:01 am Sunday, October 7, 2012

From May until the end of his term in December, the phone assigned to Watts had a bill of $942.83, while Campbell’s phone had a bill of $760.64.

Jones, who retired in September, had a bill of $443.95.

Supervisors Calvin Butler, David Carter and Angela Hutchins said they do not use a county cell phone in their capacity as supervisors.

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Butler said the phone he uses is from his job as operations manager at WTYJ/WMIS. Carter said he does have a county-owned cell phone assigned to him as the director of the Adams County Extension Service.

Between January — when he took office — and May, Carter’s extension service phone bill did not exceed $27.18 a month. Carter’s highest extension service bill was in July 2011 at $56.57; in all other months for the 12-month period, his bill was less than $28.

Supervisor Mike Lazarus uses a county-owned cell phone, but has his monthly bill drafted out of his supervisor’s pay.

Supervisor Darryl Grennell had his county phone turned off in May 2011, citing difficulty in keeping up with two phones. Grennell uses a personal phone to take county-related calls.

Phones that were eliminated included:

•The Cspire account assigned to Patricia Scott in the Adams County tax assessors’ office.

Tax Assessor Reynolds Atkins said Scott had used the phone when doing outside work, but the office had decided to have it turned off when Scott retired.

•The phone assigned to Justice Court Judge Patricia Dunmore.

Dunmore could not be reached for comment. Justice Clerk Audrey Bailey said she did not know the exact reason why Dunmore turned her phone in, but she knew the cell phone assigned to Dunmore was not used much.

“I don’t use mine a whole lot either,” Bailey said. “I was thinking about turning in my phone because I use my personal phone for most calls.”

• Two phones assigned to former Juvenile Justice Detention Center Administrator Glenn Arnold, who retired in June.

The detention center still has two phones assigned to it.

• A phone assigned to road crew worker Warren Gaines, who was only given the phone for one month, in March.

• A phone funded by a federal grant for the youth court program Alternatives to Detention registered to Martin Kemp. Kemp’s phone was paid for by a grant, and was turned off in October 2011.