Seek treats, not tricks, tonight

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Treats, not tricks, is what the Miss-Lou needs tonight.

Ask anyone who works in either police dispatching or the emergency room, and they’ll quickly tell you Halloween can be more trouble than its weight in candy.

The holiday gives many, it seems, a free license for craziness and disregard for common sense.

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So as you suit up your little one in his superhero outfit this afternoon, remember to be safe, not sorry.

Trick or treat only in areas you know are safe. Visiting the downtown Natchez businesses for Trick or Treat for Little Feet is a great way to spend the evening. Stop by a local church carnival if the candy bucket still has space.

Then get your little ones off the streets and ready for bed. It’s a school night, so do the teachers a favor and limit the candy intake and don’t extend the bedtime.

For the rest of you — teenagers and adults — this holiday is largely for children. Don’t get crazy.

Attend a party with friends if you’d like, but avoid pranks that you know some people just won’t find funny.

Respect your neighbors who may be struggling to get little children to bed, and watch for those little feet roaming the streets in the dark.

Halloween can be a fun night. Don’t let yours involve an emergency dispatcher.