Southerners know pain of big storms

Published 12:01 am Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hearts from all over Mississippi and Louisiana poured out for complete strangers this week in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy in the northeast.

Consider it just a little bit of pay back.

Just more than seven years ago, the kindness of strangers made a world of difference for the residents of Mississippi and Louisiana whose lives were devastated by Hurricane Katrina and later by her sister, Hurricane Rita.

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Americans have an uncanny ability to instantly drop our differences in times of trouble.

In tragedy — whether natural or manmade — Americans from all walks of life instantly become brothers and sisters in one family.

Local utility crews were among the first to kick into action and head north to help restore some of life’s modern conveniences to millions.

The American Red Cross is also almost always at the scene of disasters moments after the danger subsides.

If a silver lining can come from such a widespread and deadly natural disaster, it’s that such events cause us to forget about our petty differences and rivalries and focus on how we can help one another.

America, it seems, is at its best when the chips are down and someone needs a helping hand.

Please continue to pray for the victims of the hurricane in the northeast and for all of the brave men and women who put themselves in harm’s way to begin the cleanup and repair work.