Attitude is first step to improvement

Published 11:56 pm Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Natchez-Adams Schools Superintendent Frederick Hill proved on Tuesday night that he understands the role of the public schools, but also his role in the community.

Hill’s frank discussion of where the district is and where it needs to be, along with his confidence at the district’s town hall meeting was refreshing.

We’ve long said that one of the biggest issues in recent years with the public schools isn’t about test scores or student safety or anything else that usually comes up in conversation.

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Those are all important to the district’s ultimate success, but the biggest obstacle facing the district in the last few years has been public perception.

Hill seems to grasp that problem and embrace it.

“You are our stakeholders,” he told the town hall crowd. “Whether you are directly involved in the school district or not, you are still a stakeholder.

“It’s my obligation to show you what you are getting for your money.”

That’s an incredibly different attitude than the last few school administrations have had, which seemed to take a much more “leave us alone and let us do our jobs” approach to matters of public relations.

Hill doesn’t seem to shirk from the truth of the situation.

“I am not satisfied with where we are as a district, and no one should be,” he said Tuesday. “We are an F school district, we know that, and we own that.”

We applaud Hill on his frank attitude and honest leadership style. He’s motivating and moving in the right direction, now he just needs the community — all of the community — to support him going forward.

Together the district can, and will, improve.