Not much is kept secret in this day and age

Published 12:01 am Sunday, December 30, 2012

Twitter never fails to be a good source of information.

That doesn’t necessarily mean the information is particularly useful. Sometimes it allows me to keep up with the latest sporting news, while other times I’m left wondering if there’s any way I can get back those five seconds I just wasted.

Occasionally, I’m sometimes left wondering if I really read a tweet I thought I read. Friday was one of those days, and LSU football was the subject.

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I later found out the subject matter was old news, which led me to wonder why it was finally making the rounds on social media a month after it happened. A friend of mine had “re-tweeted” a link to a picture allegedly taken inside the LSU athletic complex.

In the picture, a note posted on the window of an office allegedly inside the complex read like a disciplinary letter. “Attention NFL Scouts: The Follow athletes miss workouts and always have an excuse. These men lack the self discipline and the motivation to take care of their responsibilities. I will not answer questions regarding their performance numbers or character as they care only about themselves.”

Next to this note was a smaller one listing the following Tiger football players: Jonah Austin, La’el Collins, James Wright, Spencer Ware, Anthony Johnson, Micah Eugene, Dwayne Thomas, Tharold Simon, Kwon Alexander and Sam Montgomery.

Several of those names are household names for any LSU fans, and those who keep up with recruiting could probably recognize most of them, if not all.

“Did this really just get mass distribution over the internet?” I thought to myself. To say the note was blunt would be putting it mildly, and I was more than a little surprised that someone was willing — and able — to air the dirty laundry.

Things got even more confusing when I later decided to re-read the tweet linking me to the picture of the notes, only to find that the tweet had vanished. Any conversation concerning the photo had also vanished from my timeline. Very curious.

After some research, I finally found the photo in question on some third-party sports fansite. It was then I learned the photo was more than a month old, and LSU strength coach Tommy Moffitt had sent out a response with his official Twitter account.

“Can I get a (re-tweet)? The pic from office window is old news. These guys had all missed a class. Great kids and hard workers.”

I’m not exactly sure where missing a class turned into missing workouts (plural) and always having an excuse. If I had to guess, Moffitt probably didn’t want the picture floating around the Internet and decided to defend his players, like any coach would. Some things are best dealt with internally, and this is one of those instances. Unless a suspension is announced and an explanation is necessary, disciplinary issues are between the coaches and players.

Regardless, the hatchet seems to be buried, and from the wording of his tweet, I doubt Moffitt will have any problem promoting his players to NFL scouts going forward. If there’s any lesson to be learned from this, it’s the unfortunate reality that no one’s privacy is truly safe anymore, especially in the world of sports.

Twenty to 30 years ago, no one not employed by LSU athletics would have found out about this except the people the note was directed toward, visiting NFL scouts. But give one person a camera phone with no one looking, and in no time it was posted on the Internet for the whole world to see.

I can only imagine the LSU coaches might get a little more creative going forward when it comes to sending messages to their players.