The Dart: Santa flies to Natchez twice to visit family

Published 12:07 am Monday, December 31, 2012

Ben Hillyer | The Natchez Democrat — The letter from Santa to Josh and Anna Grace Britt let the children know that Santa was going to visit their house early because their dad would be away at work on Christmas Day.


NATCHEZ — Santa checks his list twice and sometimes he visits families twice too.

Ben HIllyer | The Natchez Democrat — Anna Grace Britt shows her letter from Santa that she received revealing that Santa Claus was going to visit her house twice this holiday because her dad was going to be away at Christmas. The letter was sent to Anna Grace and her brother Josh and was left by their house elf Blake.

When The Dart found Jeanette Britt Friday, her husband was already offshore, working on a drilling rig. Out of the 12 or so years he’s worked offshore, he’s only been home for two or three Christmases.

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So, the family celebrated Christmas twice this year and Santa left a long note for the children, asking them to keep their first Christmas a secret.

“I was trying to figure out a way they could keep this a secret, so they couldn’t tell their friends,” Britt said. “I didn’t want the other kids jealous that Santa came here first.”

Britt found the idea on Pinterest, a social networking site allowing users to “pin” images to their pinboard.

For the Britt family, Dec. 16 was their Christmas. Jeanette’s husband Adrian left on Dec. 20.

Blake, the house elf, left the Britt children the letter from Santa the night before their first Christmas. Five-year-old Josh discovered the letter first and ran upstairs with his sister Anna Grace, hollering for their mother.

“Their eyes were big and their mouths were dropped,” Britt said. “They were just so excited they got a letter from Santa.”

On Christmas Day, Britt and the children went to her mother’s house for Christmas.

Anna Byrne said she thought her daughter’s Santa letter was a fun thing for the children.

“New traditions are fun,” Byrne said. “It brings back memories, and they really do get so excited.”