Going green with recycling a no-brainer

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Having had its hand properly slapped for violating the state’s public contract laws, the City of Natchez is poised to take another run at renewing its garbage collection and disposal contracts soon.

In doing so, the city has a great opportunity to do two really good things for the community, if city leaders play their cards correctly.

First, the added competition of having at least two garbage collection companies vying for the business — and having already seen each other’s hands in the first bid process — should result in a lower price for city residents.

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That savings should either be passed back to residents in the form of lowered garbage rates or potentially invested in the second good thing that could come as a result — a serious effort at curbside recycling.

A plan to test curbside recycling is already in the works, but why are we testing something that most logic people agree just makes sense? Reusing what you can and not filling our future environment with today’s trash just seems smart.

Many progressive communities already offer recycling services. It’s long overdue for Natchez to take on the recycling issue by the horns and get serious.

The savings from renegotiating the garbage collection could help offset the cost of making a true commitment — not just a test — to curbside recycling.

If the powers that be don’t think the entire city will support curbside recycling immediately, why not just offer it in the areas likely to support it, but do so for a longer period of time than just a limited test?