Public invited to active shooter seminar

Published 12:03 am Wednesday, February 13, 2013

NATCHEZ — “That would never happen here” isn’t a phrase in John Elfer’s vocabulary, particularly when considering the possibility of an active shooter situation.

That’s why he began leading free seminars to help people who don’t have law enforcement backgrounds to plan and prepare for such a possibility.

“A lot of folks will think that it’s never going to happen to them but if it unfortunately does, it’s going to be too late when it’s occurring to figure out where you can hide or where you can evacuate to,” Elfer said. “This isn’t meant to cause a bunch of hysteria, but it is meant to promote and provoke some thinking and planning on what you would do if a shooter came into your school, business or office.”

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Elfer, who is the director of Warren County Emergency Management, decided to bring the seminar titled, “What you can do” to the Miss-Lou after being contacted by Ruth Nichols.

Nichols, Alcorn’s assistant vice president for educational and community partnerships, said she took part in Elfer’s seminar in Vicksburg and thought it would be beneficial for the Miss-Lou.

“It’s really good to see this kind of training and just get people thinking about making a plan and knowing what they would do in that situation,” Nichols said. “Some of the things are simple that you wouldn’t always think of like keeping your cell phone with you at all times.

“We don’t always think of those things, but it’s good to get those in the back of our minds.”

Two 50-minute sessions will be presented Thursday: one at 10 a.m. at the Steckler Multipurpose Building and another at 2 p.m. at the Central Louisiana Technical Community College Ferriday Campus.

The event is free, and the public is invited to attend.