Let’s proudly wave Adams County flag

Published 12:04 am Friday, February 15, 2013

Symbols are important, particularly when bringing together a group of diverse people and making them feel like a team.

That’s why we applaud the somewhat subtle work of the Adams County Board of Supervisors to build a team-like atmosphere on the board.

Months ago, supervisors began doing two things to start making their team spirit a bit more visible.

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First, supervisors now make public, non-board meeting appearances as a group. It was rare to find one of them at a public function without seeing most, if not all, of the board members.

Often the group has the county administrator, chancery clerk and the board of supervisors’ attorney in tow as well.

The message is clear: We’re a board that works together. Note that doesn’t mean they always agree, but at least thus far, the disagreements haven’t destroyed the team.

Second, supervisors started wearing a uniform of sorts, matching shirts just like an organized sports team might wear.

Months after their internal team building began, supervisors appear to be moving that sense of togetherness out to a wider audience by seeking, of all things, an Adams County logo and flag design.

Critics may laugh and suggest it’s just another government board wasting time, but in this case, perhaps Adams County needs a very public sense of identity.

Since the board is soliciting proposals from the public, it would appear the effort might cost the county little to nothing to explore.

If the approach of reducing taxpayer spending can be achieved by making us all realize that we’re playing for the same team, then let’s create that flag and hoist it into the sky soon.