City of Vidalia finally gets good news

Published 12:06 am Friday, March 15, 2013

The City of Vidalia has been in a rough spot for a couple of years, unable to shake Murphy’s Law.

First the record flood hit in 2011.

Then, almost as if the Mississippi River was taunting the town, the lowest river levels in decades.

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The first cost the town dearly to fight the flood.

The second zapped Vidalia’s honey pot, the Sidney A. Murray Hydroelectric Station. The low river levels meant the station could not operate, and thus could not create cash for Vidalia.

Somewhere in the middle of all that, someone failed to pay federal tax withholdings, resulting in a huge amount suddenly due, including approximately $200,000 in penalties.

Fortunately, Vidalia’s luck may be turning, at least a bit. The city announced this week that the IRS has returned approximately 80 percent of the $200,000 in penalties to the city.

That’s great news for Vidalia taxpayers.

The only thing worse that paying taxes would be having to pay taxes, then pay more taxes to offset a city workers’ negligence.

We’re happy Vidalia’s luck appears to have turned and are hopeful it’s a sign of truly sunnier days ahead for the beleaguered city.