Emergency services doubts put to rest

Published 11:38 pm Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I’d like to thank some people and agencies for their recent help to me.

I had fallen and injured my back and felt I needed to go to the hospital.

Unable to drive, I called 911.  I was promptly turned over to the ambulance service AMR.

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Within minutes, they arrived over our difficult gravel road at Lansdowne.

I was upstairs and needed to be carried down our outside steps — not easy.

Tim and Mike did it quickly and skillfully and transferred me to a stretcher for the trip to Natchez Regional, which had been alerted and told of my condition.

Several nurses quickly and efficiently moved me to a comfortable bed, where I waited for Dr. Poole.

A CAT scan later, a couple of shots and some pain prescriptions and I was much-improved and on my way home.

Any doubts I may have had about our emergency services in Natchez were put at rest.

Thanks to all for the help.


Bill Slatter

Natchez resident